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FIBERTEK™ VEGAN | Free Shipping (AU, NZ, US, CA, EU, SG, JP)

Our Materials

Fibertek™ is completely ‘beast-free’ and created using the highest quality PU and fiber layers to create supple hand feel with durability. Nature of the material is water repellent, durable, low maintenance and half the weight of traditional leather. The texture is impressed into the fiber layer, deleting the toxic process of traditional leather dying. Finished products gets rigorously stress tested - 15,000 times per product. Below are some of the features achieved by using this material.
  • Water Repellent and Water resistant
  • Quarter-half the weight of traditional leather
  • Vegan ‘beast-free’
  • Recyclable (send your bag back to us to ensure its correctly recycled)
  • No Discolouration
  • No stretch or warping
  • Ethical and eco-friendly
  • Crack resistant
  • No PVC or toxic byproduct

Beast-free and everlasting - Fibretek™ is the future.